If you are vaccinated, congratulations! You brought us closer to the end of the pandemic! You are now protected from getting sick and dying from COVID-19. Since not everyone has been vaccinated there are still things you need to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When in public, continue to wear a mask, follow physical distancing, and wash your hands. Continuing to mask and distance also reminds us all to be careful, even though some people are now protected.

If you’re vaccinated, you can gather indoors with others who have been vaccinated without wearing masks. If you’re gathering with people who haven’t been vaccinated, only gather with one other household. For example, a vaccinated grandparent can visit their unvaccinated children and grandchildren at home without masks or distancing.

It is still not safe for unvaccinated people from different households to get together.

When you get together with other vaccinated people the risk of COVID-19 is very small. You may want to hug and eat together. If everyone in the situation is vaccinated that is okay to do.

You should still avoid medium-sized and large gatherings and delay travel.

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CDC guidance for fully vaccinated
Credit: Johns Hopkins Medical Institute