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The content in this Vax Facts Toolkit is for use by organizations, associations, community groups and others involved in COVID-19 vaccine outreach. The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (JHMI) are making these resources available for others to use, adapt and share.

These materials and resources have been developed and vetted by experts at JHU and JHMI. The materials have been used to inform our own faculty, staff and students  about the COVID-19 vaccines. Our hope is that you will find value in them and be able to use them to support your outreach efforts.

The Toolkit includes communication materials that can be printed or used in a digital format. They focus on three areas: 

  1. Information on how and where to access vaccines 
  2. Facts about the vaccinations 
  3. Testimonials from individuals who have received the vaccines

In addition, the Toolkit includes fact sheets with additional questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. These can be used as resources for individuals who are organizing community events, question and answer sessions, or just seeking additional information to share with others.

Included in ‘Other Resources’ is a COVID-19 training compendium for health departments developed by the International Vaccine Access Center. There are some additional resources that provide guidance on how to design and implement effective communication activities. These include tools on how to adapt materials, how to understand your audience, how to pretest materials, and how to monitor your efforts.

We will add new materials to the Toolkit as they are developed. 


We suggest you review the materials in the Toolkit and think about what is relevant for your situation. Consider who you are trying to reach, what their questions are what information they need, and what channels are best to reach them – social media, churches, networks, etc. 

You may choose to use some or all of the material depending on your content and circumstances. And, of course, you should think about how best to adapt them to your organizational context – with local information and the name of  your organization. If you would like to adapt the content with your organization’s logo please email us at and we are happy to help. The materials are in a PDF format to facilitate adaptation and can easily be transferred to a JPEG file for easy use on digital media platforms.

As this material has been developed, pretested with a range of audiences, and vetted by experts at JHU and JHMI we ask that you do not adjust the technical content of these materials.

If you have questions on any of these materials, please let us know. If you use any materials, please share with us how you are using them.  You can reach us at 

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